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The 4004 Reborn | Black Edition | White Edition | 4040 Edition

tre For its 45th anniversary, a tribute to the very first and most iconic microprocessor of the history, the Intel 4004, in its grey traced, museum grade ultra rare package, to drive a unique time masterpiece collection.

tre The Intel 4004, released by Intel Corp. on November 15th, 1971, not only changed the way of computing, but also changed the whole computing industry.

tre Limited Edition of 20 numeroted artworks.


Local time displayed on the first line.

Current date and 3D position on Earth (latitude, longitude & elevation) successively displayed on the second line.

ocal time, date and position automatically adjusted by onboard GPS receiver to provide absolute accuracy.


Core electronics designed with collectable white ceramic chips from Intel MCS-4 family, to execute 87'771 precious instructions per second.

Intel 4004 program memory components, neon bulbs and neon display tubes from vintage ultra reliable russian technology.

Size: 610mm (L) * 550mm (H) * 50mm (D)

Weight: 33.1 lbs / 15.0 kg


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